What is a cabinet heater ?

What is a cabinet heater ?

There are many heating systems or industrial heaters for heating or ambient heating systems. Since a heating system is not suitable for heating all places and people , these systems are increasing day by day. One of these heating systems , which is very popular and has good performance , is a cabinet heater or hot air furnace .

Application of cabinet heater :

  • Poultry heaters
  • Mosques
  • Halls
  • Factories
  • Industrial workshops.
  • Industrial drying of fruit…

Cabinet heater :

Cabinet hot air furnace is a type of hot air furnace that is built as a cabinet or standing .This style of hot air furnace , due to its low height compared to the standing model , is mostly used in large stores , mosques , banks , green houses and chicken farms .

A cabinet heater is divided into different types according to the type of fuel used :

-cabinet heater with gas burner.

-cabinet heater with oil-fired burner.

-cabinet heater with bi-fuel burner .

Advantages of cabinet hot air furnace :

-An ambient thermostat can be installed to accurately control the ambient temperature.

-Direct ventilation of damper and channeling.

-Creating pleasant heat and samey distribution .

-Equipped with an electrical panel with additional accessories.

-Low power consumption.

Standing hot air heater and furnace :

Standing  hot air heaters and furnaces are usually used in spaces such as gymnasiums , industrial halls , public places , schools and saker where the height of the ceiling is higher and the lack of space occupation and same distribution of heat are of great importance .


Next , lets read what a cabinet heater is …

Maybe some people wonder why the benefits and uses of cabinet heaters are so great for the places we mentioned in the article . Becouse the cabinet heater has many features , such as :

-Non-polluting heat production .

-High thermal performance.

-Stainless and strong body .

-Bi-fuel capability.

-Spreading heat in space .

None-polluting heat production :

One of the most important uses of cabinet heaters is that heat is produce without pollutant.

Since it is very important to have clean air in poultry farms and greenhouses  , no pollutants should be produced from the heating system . So , that is why this heater model is the best choice for these places.

Hight thermal output :

One of the things that is very important for cabinet heater customers is the cost of fuel consumption of the cabinet heater .

By preparing a standard cabinet heater , you will see a very high thermal efficiency and a very low fuel cost .

Stainless cabinet heater body :

In the greenhouse , due to irrigation of the crops , if the material of the heater body is poor quality , it will get rusted . But one of the features of the cabinet heater is that it has a strong and stainless body , so its body doesn’t rust and doesn’t get damaged and rusted over time . For this reason , you can avoid excess costs .

Bi-fuel heater :

One of the reasons why cabinet heaters are so popular is their Bi-fuel. These heaters can supply their energy and fuel both through gas and oil-fired. This is required to provide room temperature and prevent temperature drop for plants and animals .

Spreading heat in space :

Spreading heat in space is one of the applications of cabinet heaters . this means that the cabinet heater can distribute heat evenly in the space due to its special features. With the help of this feature , all the spaces in the room where the cabinet heater is installed are warm . And animals and plants live in that space constantly at the same temperature.

Important points that you must know before choosing a cabinet heater and hot air furnace :

  1. calcute  the amount of thermal energy loss of the  desired location ( wall , ceiling , floor , window ) and checking the required thermal load .
  2. define the amount of incoming and out going air as well as fresh air .
  3. Define the type and amount of fuel required .

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