What is the color room air conditioner?

Color room air conditioner , as the name suggests , the color room is an isolated place .This isolated and covered place can be a practical environment for painting surfaces. Basically , manufactures of various devices such as cars paint their products in the paint room .

This color room should be free of pollution and polluting particles. The presence of suspended particles in the air in the environment causes that the painting is not done well .

The color room must be designed with the required quality and according to the standards .

Color room temperature is very important . If the temperature in the room is higher than normal , the paint will not absorb well on the b body of the equipment and parts in questions.

By using equipped sensors , the temperature in the color room can be adjusted according to the requested temperature.

But in addition to the air temperature , the color in the room must have the necessary quality. The air quality in the paint room should be such that there is no pollution and chemical particles in the room environment .

Because coloring is very important .  The invironment of the paint room should also be free of pollution , but how can the pollution of the color room be eliminated ? You can eliminate the pollution of the paint room  by  using ventilation systems . The ventilation system can improve the air flow in the room .

What is the importance of color room ventilation ?

When we talk about the best ventilation for the color room , generally two definitions can be given for this condition :

1: Paint room is an area where worker paint the walls and ceiling of the room in a closed space in residential or commercial buildings .

2: In the second paint of view , the color room is closed enclosures where workers paint parts. How ever , what is important is the use of efficient and ideal ventilation systems for room ventilation .

If the workers are engaged in painting in rooms that do not have proper ventilation , in the long term there will be seriouse effects on their health , especially the health of the respiratory system .

Complications of not using the paint room air conditioner :

1: Decreased immune system .

2: Nausea .

3: Dizziness .

4: Increased blood pressure.

5: Damage to the nervous system and brain .

6: Respiratory disorders .

7: Cancerous tumors and …

Working of paint ventilation system or paint room air conditioner :

In the first stage , fresh air enters the conditioner and after the initial removal of dust and humidity control ( Dehumidification , humidification ) and resupplying the required cooling or heating , it enters the ceiling plenum and after passing through the filters on the top of the roof , it is dusted  and flows downwards as a smoth and uniform flow from the entire area of the roof .

هواساز اتاق رنگ

The air entering the room moves towards the room floor at a specified speed ( about 0/4 to 0/5 meters per second ) and carries suspended and wandering paint particles with it to the outlet located on the floor . Becouse paint particles are very harmful to people’s health and the environment , they cannot be easily released into the open air from the evacuation system and the paint must be purified before discharging the air contaminated with paint particles . for this reason the waterfall is used . waterfalls are sloping plates where the water flows from the top and erters the tank after passing through the surface .

In the color room ventilation system , the air moves through the gap between the bottom edge of the waterfall ramp and the water in the tank to the exophane , and in this way it is forced over the water in the flow . The water absorbs the color particles and the purified air is directed out through the exophane .

Water containing color particles also enters the purification system and is used after purification or directly disposed in the waste water.

هواساز اتاق رنگ

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