Industrial centrifugal fan

Centrifugal industrial fans manufactured by Sahand Havasaz Group are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments. Their durable materials and sturdy construction ensure the fans’ resistance to wear, corrosion, and high temperatures. Consequently, they provide reliable performance. These industrial clean air centrifugal fans can handle various airflow rates relative to static pressure, with some tolerance for dust and moisture.Centrifugal industrial fans are a type of fan that are commonly used in various applications for ventilation and air circulation and industrial processes.

Types of centrifugal fans

Forward centrifugal fan : With a low rotational speed, the forward centrifugal fan creates less noise than other types of fans and is widely used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. However, due to the ability to control the flow rate less than other fans, it is not considered a suitable option for cases where precise control of the flow rate is needed.

Backward centrifugal fan : In the backward centrifugal fan, the curvature of the blade is in the reverse direction of the impeller rotation. Higher efficiency compared to the forward fan has caused these fans to be used mainly in heating and ventilation systems and in cases where high flow rates are needed.

industrial centrifugal fan manufacturer

Sahand havasaz Group is the best and most famous and most experienced manufacturer of industrial centrifugal fans in Iran since 1980 in the field of industry.  We combine quality manufacturing with innovative design to ensure reliability and cost-effective performance. With over 550 industrial centrifugal fans in our catalog, we can specify fans needs of a wide range of industrial applications.

Buy Industrial Centrifugal Fan

You should consider the necessary factors for buying centrifugal industrial fan.

As Sahand havasaz Group, we produce all our products ourselves, and with our privilege, you can have high-quality centrifugal industrial fans :

  1. Size and dimensions of the fan.
  2. Fan air flow.
  3. Strong and high performance in centrifugal industrial fan .
  4. Low power consumption.
  5. Best price of centrifugal industrial fan.

centrifugal fan pressure

Single-stage centrifugal industrial fans typically produce air flow at a static pressure of 100 mmWG to 2000 mmWG . These fans move the mass of air perpendicular to the axial direction of the incoming air.

parts of a centrifugal fan

The main parts of an industrial centrifugal fan are :

  1. Fan compartment
  2. Impellers
  3. Inlet and outlet ducts
  4. Drive shaft
  5. Drive mechanism
  6. Fan dampers and vans
  7. Fan blades

industrial centrifugal fan price

Industrial centrifugal fan price is various . Axial industrial fans for various applications and industries have been offered in the market with quality but competitive performance .

Technical specifications of industrial centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fan rotation from the left :


Centrifugal fan rotation from the right :


industrial centrifugal fans for sale

SahandHavasaz, as the center for selling industrial centrifugal fans, produces these products in both single and wholesale quantities. To place an order or receive consultation, you can contact the support team through the communication channels listed on the website.

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