Industrial hot furnaces

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An industrial furnace is a heating device that meets the precise temperature control in industrial processes and provides the heat required for industrial processes. They are built to withstand the production environment.Electrically heated industrial furnaces offer the best temperature accuracy and a cleaner working chamber than other fuel types.

Sahand Havasaz offers a wide range of industrial furnaces. All our industrial furnaces are designed and built to be very resistant, safe, and easy to service. Our industrial furnaces are available in various sizes according to customer requirements, and maximum temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius are available.

How does a hot air furnace work?

The way the hot air oven works because the burner is activated in the lower part of the oven, producing thermal energy. After that, the blowing fans absorb the cold air from the environment and pass it through the steel coils to turn it into warm air. This hot air is transferred to the environment with the help of blowers and causes the environment to heat up.

Applications of industrial hot furnaces

Among the applications of hot air furnaces, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Drying stone slabs.-Drying wood.
  2. Fat removal.
  3. Dynamic and static paint ovens.
  4. Drying leather.
  5. Industrial iron.
  6. Industrial washing machines.

A hot air furnace is also an industrial heater used to heat environments such as hospitals, greenhouses, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.

Types of industrial hot furnaces

Industrial hot furnaces can be placed in different categories, but they are placed in the following groups according to the type of fuel:

Electric hot air furnaces:

One of the most widely used fuels today is electricity. In many industrial centers, the use of electric or electric hot air furnaces is very common. This heating device can be found in two single-phase or three-phase models in the market of this product.

Types of Gas and diesel hot furnaces:

It is possible to use all kinds of gaseous and liquid fossil fuels for industrial hot air furnaces. Among the liquid fuels used in hot air furnaces are Kerosene, gasoline, and diesel. But in contrast to furnaces that use gas fuels for heating, they usually use natural gas or propane for their activity.

Radiant industrial furnaces:

In these heating systems, they use sunlight to supply energy.Usually, these heaters use photovoltaic cells or solar collectors, and finally, collective heat transfer systems to create and deliver heat to the environment.

Water industrial hot air furnaces:

The flow of hot water inside the furnace is responsible for producing of hot air. In this industrial hot air furnace, the central heating system or the engine room is usually responsible for increasing the water temperature. Finally, the hot air is transferred to the heater devices through the channels installed in the furnace. Finally, increasing the ambient air temperature becomes possible with these heaters.

Industrial hot furnace features

  1. The hot air furnace is easily installed and set up, and due to its high heat production, it is suitable for heating large industrial and non-industrial halls.
  2. It heats the room evenly.
  3. This device works with different fuels, but the best types are gas and diesel, and if needed, you can use its dual fuel type.
  4. The hot air oven has a safety valve and a fuse that prevents fire and electric shock when necessary. For this reason, the furnace`s safety is very high.
  5. With ducting, you can simultaneously provide the required heat for several halls.

Manufacturer of Industrial hot furnace

Sahand Havasaz is a long-term supplier of high-quality hot furnaces worldwide and also produces and supplies other industrial hot air furnace parts.The experienced and skilled engineers of Sahand Havasaz can provide a complete package for your industrial hot furnace needs, which covers all elements from design to construction to installation and maintenance.

Buy industrial hot furnace online

The most economical industrial hot furnace is Sahand Havasaz.It is necessary to know that Sahand Havasaz has the best customer price. To inquire about the cost of the industrial hot furnace to buy it, contact the sales unit of Sahand Havasaz Group.

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