About Sahand Havasaz

We manufacture various types of air conditioning units including hygienic air conditioning units, economical air conditioners, Zent air conditioners, air washer units with energy recovery, mushroom cultivation room air conditioning units, humidifiers, industrial fans, industrial filtration, bag filters and cyclone separators, various tunnel fans, inline fans, exhaust fans, air curtains, centrifugal fans, axial fans, air conditioning fans, smoke exhaust fans, 140mm exhaust fans, poultry farm fans, greenhouse circulation fans, warm air curtains, rocket jet heaters, industrial heaters, various custom heaters (hot air furnaces, workshop heaters, mushroom cultivation room heaters, poultry farm heaters, greenhouse heaters, etc.), unit heaters, electric heaters, ceramic heaters, radiant heaters, hot water boilers, steam boilers, and various industrial coolers, industrial dryers, chillers, and fan impeller balancing services.

Our products come with a fifteen-month quality guarantee along with a warranty certificate and after- sales services.


Peace of mind with Sahand HavasaZ

Guarantee and Services

We provide a fifteen-month quality guarantee and fifteen years of after-sales service, ensuring the quality of our products.

Fast Delivery

Sahand HavasaZ prioritizes fast delivery of products.

High Quality Parts

Every part utilized in Sahand HavasaZ products meets the highest global standards.

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Product Standards

Sahand HavasaZ products meet the latest necessary industrial standards, suitable for use in mushroom cultivation facilities, poultry farms, greenhouses, cold storage units, fruit storage facilities, and all spaces requiring humidity regulation and control.

Products manufactured by Sahand HavasaZ are diverse in model, size, fuel type, application, capacity, and power to meet your specific needs.

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