Industrial Smoke Filtration

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One of the serious problems that can be very worrying for human health , besides air pollution, is the presence of smoke in the workplace. Smoke filtration is an effective solution to remove smoke and related pollution;  smoke filtration can separate smoke particles from the air and return clean air to the environment.

Industrial air treatment systems monitor air quality by filtering air streams moving into or out of a facility. Sahand Havasaz offers a wide range of air quality control systems.

Industrial smoke filtration system

Industrial smoke filtration can separate and remove pollutants, carbon particles, and even oil from the environment. This device can generally handle smoke filtration with advanced and high-tech technologies.

As a result, the industrial smoke filtration device can separate all the fats, oils, carbon particles, and various pollutants from the smoke and perform air conditioning. In simpler words, components and nozzles are installed in this device that can separate and purify the fats and particles separated from the smoke.

Benefits of industrial smoke filtration

  • Removal of smoke particles
  • Improve air quality
  • Silence works
  • Ability to adjust fan speed
  • Easy transportation

Applications of industrial smoke filtration

Smoke is produced in different places and harmful particles can make up smoke. The environments where smoke is produced are usually the following industrial environments:

  1. Automotive industry
  2. restaurants
  3. Food production industries
  4. Hotels.-Casting workshops
  5. Petrochemical plants
  6. Plastic melting workshops
  7. Manufacturing factories for brick kilns, welding, and cutting

Industrial smoke filtration function

The way the industrial smoke filtration works is that first, the ambient air is sucked in by the industrial smoke filtration engine or the blower motor. It hits a resistant metal plate with a strong filter; when the air passes through it, it can absorb large particles and strong pollutants. This industrial smoke filtration can absorb particles smaller than 0.01 microns and large.

After that, the particles enter a chamber that has several parallel planes. Each of the plates can collect particles. Thus, many of these particles are collected by these plates. They are absorbed and deposited in the chamber.In this way, all polluting particles in the ambient air outside are purified and cleaned.

Buy industrial smoke filtration

Different types of industrial smoke filtration devices are designed and presented according to your work environment.

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