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An axial industrial fan is a device for moving air or gas, ventilation, and suctioning dirty air and dust from industrial environments.

Another application of axial industrial fans is cooling very small electronic parts to ventilate large industrial environments. They are also used as heating and cooling systems. An axial industrial fan is a device of great quality that transfers air from a large space to another space, such as the environment inside the factory to the outside environment.

One of the most important features of these industrial axial fans is the blades made with different profiles, which are prepared to withstand high temperatures, even up to 400 degrees Celsius, for all industries.

Food industries, rubber production, construction material factories and tunnels are among the environments where industrial axial fans are used.

Sahandhavasaz prepares and presents the best axial industrial fan with the characteristics of your space and your existing environment.

Types of axial fan

  1. Axial propeller Fan : This type of axial fan has short and long propellers and suitable bending capability. It is also used in different fields. Propeller fan blades are made of various materials, including plastic or metal. This industrial axial fan has an efficiency of about 75 to 80 percent.
  1. Tube or Ducted exhaust axial fan : This industrial axial exhaust fan delivers exceptional performance and efficiency thanks to its cylindrical design and short blades, maximizing air movement. This type of industrial axial fan is widely used in HVAC systems and save energy. In addition, regarding the type of application and where the fan is installed, axial fans can be divided into three categories: ceiling, wall and channel axial fans. Also, in terms of application, industrial axial fans are divided into three main categories: household fans, industrial fans, and semi-industrial fans.
  1. Vane axial Fan: Being used in tunnels and canals, the axial vane jet fan with vane blades is one of the most efficient ventilators suitable for ventilation. The presence of stationary vanes makes them bear more pressure and produce less noise, and vane ventilators are also known as silent axial fans. In the following, we will tell you the specifications of the industrial fan .

industrial axial fan specifications

The main components of industrial axial fan specifications are:

Fan type: This feature directly affects the desired axial industrial fan.

Air flow capacity: This feature aims to show the volume of air the fan can circulate.

Required pressure: 3 types of pressure are extremely important in the ventilation industry, which are static pressure, velocity pressure, and total pressure.

Size and dimensions of the industrial axial fan: The size, diameter and full dimensions are significant in this part.

Industrial axial fan Engine: It has an electric motor that rotates a shaft .

Industrial axial fan Speed: Its design is used for more cases that require high speed and low air pressure.

Efficiency and noise levels: Noise levels must reach less than 85 dB at a distance of 5 feet for an 8-hour work shift. This is possible for an industrial fan.

Industrial axial fans manufacturer

 Sahandhavasaz Group has been the most famous and most experienced manufacturer of industrial axial fans in Iran since 1980 in the industry field. Sahandhavasaz Group helps you with more than 2000 products to provide an efficient, high-quality device. Also, our engineers are happy to work with you to develop new solutions.

Industrial axial fan price

 Industrial axial fan prices are various. Axial industrial fans for various applications and industries have been offered in the market with quality but competitive performance. It is necessary to know that Sahand air conditioners have the best prices for bulk customer purchases.

Buy industrial axial fan

You should consider the necessary factors for buying axial industrial fan. As Sahandhavasaz Group, we produce all our products ourselves, and with our privilege, you can have high-quality axial industrial fans.

  1. Size and dimensions of the fan.
  2. Fan airflow.
  3. Strong and high performance in an axial industrial fan.
  4. Low power consumption.
  5. Best price of axial industrial fan.
  6. Warranty of the purchased product.

industrial axial fans for sale

SahandHavasaz, as the center for selling industrial axial fans, produces these products in both single and wholesale quantities. To place an order or receive consultation, you can contact the support team through the communication channels listed on the website.