Industrial filtration

What is industrial filtration?

Industrial filtration is a system through which industries separate their products from waste and remnants of production equipment, as well as other waste materials and solid particles, gases, vapours and harmful chemicals from the air. Filtration also focuses on the refined end product and effective waste removal and drying for safe disposal.

Industrial filtration systems are not limited to one type and can be started or continuous depending on the business needs.

Industrial filtration is used in many industries, including chemical, oil and gas, steel, mining, automotive, food and pharmaceutical, etc.

Industrial filtration system

Industrial filtration systems are designed to separate contaminants and particles from liquids. They allow liquid to pass through the membrane, removing the too-large solids. For various industrial applications, portable water filtration systems are essential for process efficiency, lowering maintenance and energy costs, and ensuring the product or service can be performed properly.

Types of industrial filtration

  1. wet duster
  2. dry duster

Industrial filtration equipment

Industrial fan: An industrial fan moves air and maintains proper ventilation in industrial and commercial spaces.

Electro filter: This method efficiently removes pollutants, dust and soot. It is also very effective in removing toxic compounds of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde and toxic gas compounds.

Bag filter: This system absorbs dust, particles and pollutants in the air or gas through its fabric bags and removes them.

smoke purification: This smoke filter device can be used anywhere smoke containing fat and various carbon particles is produced.

smoke burner: This device separates solid particles and exhaust gases using different filters and returns clean air to the environment.

cyclone: These filters are usually made of woven cyclone fabrics and can withstand harsh weather conditions and high and low temperatures.

wet scrubber: Wet dust scrubber Cleaners that use liquids to remove dirt are known as wet scrubbers (spray scrubbers).

Industrial filtration methods

Due to the variety of available pollutants, we use different industrial filtration methods: after our experts check the type of pollutant by our experts, the appropriate method is selected for your type of pollution.

Filtration industrial applications

While almost all industries can benefit from filtration systems, below are some of the most common filtration industrial applications:

Medical, pharmaceutical and dental vacuum and compressed air systems.

Remove oil mist from the exhaust or discharge of vacuum pumps.

Removing oil dust from the valves of rotating equipment: turbines, compressors, oil systems, coupling guards and gearboxes.

Crankshaft Ventilation: Protect the surrounding environment by absorbing oil mist vapours from reciprocating engines and generators.

Industrial filtration company

Industrial filtration companies produce filtration systems and equipment used in various industries, including manufacturing, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Their solutions remove impurities and contaminants from liquids and gases, ensuring product quality and process efficiency.

Our collection provides the best quality products that meet your needs so you can use them with peace of mind.

Industrial filtration price

Industrial filtration prices are various. Industrial filtration prices for various applications and industries have been offered in the market with quality but competitive performance. It is necessary to know that Sahand Havasaz has the best price for bulk purchases for customers. To inquire about the cost of industrial filtration and buy it, contact the sales unit of Sahand Havasaz Group.

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