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A bag filter is a filtration type dust collector that mainly collects dust from exhaust gas from industrial process.
By selecting suitable filter (filter bag), it is applicable to various exhaust gases with a wide range of temperatures and compositions. It has the advantage of being able to collect submicron particles that cannot be collected by cyclones.

Types of bag filter

  • Impulsive bag filter.
  • Reverse air bag filter.
  • Jet pulse bag filter.
  • Sonic bag filter.
  • Cartridge bag filter.  

Bag filter application

Bag filter is used in every industry that needs to collect dust and pollutants from its production:

  • Mineral processing factories.
  • Chemical factories.
  • Iron and metal smelting furnace.
  • Pharmaceutical factories.
  • Food industry.

Bag filter sizes

Industrial bag filters have been around for a long time, so companies have settled upon a standard sizing system. Liquid bag filter sizing is designed to fit bag filter from the most popular brands. In fact, most companies that manufacture bag filter have their own bag filter lines.

Advantages of bag filter

  • Increases work efficiency.
  • This system is very energy efficient and thus saves a lot of energy.-The parts used in the industrial dust collector system can be repaired if a problem occurs and you can replace these parts if needed.-This dust collector and its equipment are highly resistant to flammable gases or dust particles that can explode.

Bag filter components

A bag filter typically consists of compartment, a series of fabric bags, and a cleaning system. The housing is the main structure of the filter, and it provides support for the bags and the cleaning system. The bags are made of a variety of fabrics, and they are designed to capture particles of a specific size.

Industrial filter bag manufacturer

Sahand Havasaz is a long-term supplier of high-quality bag filter in the world, and also produces and supplies other bag filter components.

The experienced and highly skilled engineers of Sahand Havasaz can provide a complete package for your bag filter needs that covers all elements from design to construction and installation and maintenance.

Bag filter installation

Depending on the type of bag filter selected, initial operational setup and installation can take several days. Following the correct instructions in any case can be effective in saving time and money, and will also be useful for future maintenance and repairs of the bag filter system.

Industrial bag filter price

Bag filter price is various. Bag filters for various applications and industries have been offered in the market with quality but competitive performance. It is necessary to know that Sahand Havasaz has the best price for bulk purchases for customers. To inquire about the cost of bag filter and buy it, contact the sales unit of Sahand Havasaz Group.


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