Diesel Heating System

An Overview of Diesel Heating System

Diesel Heating System

In the cold seasons of the year, it is necessary to use a heating system. Sahand Havasaz can provide you with the best heating system.
The diesel heating system is widely used in places that do not have the blessing of natural gas and is suitable for sports halls, restaurants, repair shops, dryers, etc. The heating space of this product is between 5500 to 8500 square meters. This product is equipped with thermostatic control, which reduces annual fuel consumption.
The diesel heating system heats the air using diesel fuel and is used for heating in various industries. The advantage of using a diesel hot air furnace is very prominent.
Using the optimal fuel combustion process, this furnace provides optimal heat with the lowest fuel consumption. In addition, the ability to adjust the temperature and pressure in the diesel heating system makes it suitable for use in different places.

How does diesel heating work

A Diesel heating furnace is a type of industrial furnace that uses diesel as an energy source to produce heat and heating. The operation of diesel heating is that the diesel fuel is injected into the furnace and ignited it by the burner. This section includes combustion, heater, and igniter (the part that ignites the fuel).

When combustion occurs in a heating system, the heat generates produces warm air. This air is transferred to the environment through a fan, which heats it. The fan plays a key role in the diesel hot air furnace. Diesel heating system has control systems that accurately adjust and control temperature and process conditions. Also, these furnaces may have filtration systems to reduce the release of suspended particles and various pollutants into the air to help maintain the ambient air quality.

Disadvantages of diesel heating system

The use of diesel heating systems also has disadvantages related to environmental aspects:
Air pollution: One of the most important challenges is air pollution.
In the process of burning, diesel fuel produces polluting gases such as (CO2), (NOx) and suspended particles, which cause air pollution.
Dependence on fossil fuel: Using a diesel heating system leads to dependence on fossil fuel (diesel). This means dependence on a limited and non-renewable resource.

Sahand Havasaz solutions to reduce air consumption in diesel heating system:
Use of cleaner fuels: One of the main solutions to reduce air consumption is cleaner and less polluting fuels. Alternative fuels such as natural gas,
biogas, and received fuels can replace diesel in the heating system.
Use of advanced technologies: advanced technologies in the diesel heating system can help reduce air pollution. For example, using proper filtration systems can reduce particulate matter in the chimney outlet.

Diesel heating system benefits

High efficiency: The diesel heating system is highly efficient and produces heat quickly.
Adjustable heat: This feature allows you to use the device in the optimal temperature range and prevent the device from consuming more energy.
Available fuel: Diesel is readily available and can be purchased from public fuel pumps, allowing you to refuel easily.
Easy to install and run: Installing and using a diesel heating system is relatively easy. It can be easily connected to the air conditioning system and operated using simple controls.

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