cfm mean for fans

What does cfm mean for fans

What Does CFM Mean

Cfm is an important term in compressed air, and it means cubic feet per minute. Cfm is the amount of flow that leaves the device every minute, air volume can also be measured with the help of cfm.

A qualified air conditioning dealer will calculate the CFM of your plant or environment and consider various factors such as the number of windows you have, the type of climate and even the temperature preferences of your environment to determine the proper capacity of the system.
For example, when we say that the output of an air compressor is 60 cfm, it means that it produces and flows 60 cubic feet of air per minute.

What is standard cubic feet per minute

According to the length, width, height, speed, temperature, pressure and humidity, we can get the required standard cfm value.

How to Determine CFM

We use airflow and static pressure to determine cfm in coolers, fans and industrial equipment.

The equation for calculating cfm is as follows:

CFM=( Airflow in cubic feet)/(Minutes)

If we want to check the cfm calculation formula in more detail, we write with the following formula:


Length, width, and height are measured in feet, and speed is in feet per minute.

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