What is a misting fan

What is a misting fan and how does it work?

Misting fan system

The misting system cools and creates the environment through the process of evaporation without creating droplets and wetting the surrounding environment. In this system, the surrounding heat absorbs the particles and causes their continuous evaporation after spraying fine water particles in the misting nozzles.

Misting fan function

The idea behind the misting fan is that it blows a fine mist of water into the air, and the mist evaporates; It takes the heat from the air with it. Allows the misting fan to work like an air cooler. The misting fans rely on the evaporation of the water droplets to cool the air.

According to the space or environment in which we intend to mist, the number and type of nozzles, pump power and pipe size are calculated in the industrial misting system.

 How does an industrial misting fan work?

Similar to air coolers, a misting fan will require a water supply. It pulls from the supply and releases water through small vents in the fan. The blade’s rotation breaks up the water particles into a fine mist. The mist then evaporates and cools down the surrounding air temperature.

Types of misting fan

Portable misting fan: The portable misting fan is portable and you can move and carry the whole package.

Fixed misting fan: Fixed misting fan It is not portable and is permanently located in one place.

Misting fan application

The misting fan is widely used in the following environments due to the pleasant coolness it creates:

  • Dairy factories.
  • Halls and restaurants.
  • knitting factories.
  • Poultry farms and slaughterhouses without wetting the floor of the hall.
  • Mushroom growing halls.
  • Greenhouses.

Misting Fan Parts

  • Water reservoir.
  • Filter or strainer.
  • High-pressure pump.
  • Control panel.
  • Polyamide high-pressure hose.
  • Nozzle base (one-way, two-way).
  • Nozzle.

Misting Fan Benefits (Advantages of misting fan)

  1. Strong performance.
  2. Providing humidity to the environment.
  3. Removal of dust in the environment.
  4. Saving Water.
  5. No need for channelling.
  6. Easy to transport to desired points.-Pest control.

Disadvantages of misting fan

In general, misting fans has a few disadvantages.If the misting fan you purchased is of low quality, the drops will be large, making the environment too wet.Another disadvantage of fogging is the need for a pump if the water pressure in your environment is low.

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