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The industrial exhaust fan is the most widely used fan in both commercial and industrial facilities all over the world, because of the ability of this device to effectively and efficiently extract dirty air from the indoor environment and provide access for fresh air to the environment. From the industrial exhaust fan It is used in parking lots, hospitals, foundries, large workshops, etc. Industrial exhaust fan mostly used in different seasons for greenhouses and factories.

Use industrial exhaust fan

This industrial exhaust fan is used to remove polluted air from the factory to prevent the release of harmful emissions . These fans create a negative air pressure system that removes polluted air from the environment and the space in which it exists.

Types of industrial exhaust fans

Centrifugal or centrifugal fan exhaust :

Centrifugal fan is a mechanical device to move the flow of air or other gases in the direction and angle of 90 degrees for ventilation.

Axial exhaust Fan :

The performance of the exhaust ventilation axial fan is based on the forced movement of air according to the angle of the blades, in this exhaust ventilation fan, the air flow is basically parallel to the axis of the propeller. Propeller fan exhaust is used for high volume of air and low static pressure.

Propeller Fan :

This type of ventilation fan produces high gas flows with low pressure and has a relatively low efficiency, the price of this ventilation propeller fan is cheaper and it consumes less electricity.

Axial tube ventilation exhaust fan :

This ventilation fan produces higher pressures than the exhaust of propeller fans and they are more efficient than them.

Vane Axial :

It can be said that the exhaust ventilation fan of axial ventilation is essentially an exhaust ventilation fan of an axial tube, which strengthens the flow of gas by means of blades at the exit and converts the kinetic energy of the flow into constant pressure. Also, in this exhaust ventilation fan, the air flow is uniform.

industrial exhaust fan specification

Among the technical specifications of exhaust fans, we can mention the amount of ventilation, dimensions, thickness, sheet material, electric motor power and type of industrial exhaust fan impeller.

industrial exhaust fan function

The blades of these fans are used to remove air from the environment, which are rotated by a motor.Electricity is used to start industrial exhaust fans. Wall switches can also be used to work with them. Even some of these fans have sensors that turn on or off when they approach a certain level of quality (usually humidity).

industrial exhaust fan size

All these industrial exhaust fans in our collection have a standard size and they can also be customized for you to apply the right size based on your dimensions so that it fits in the right place.

industrial exhaust fan design : The construction and design of the industrial exhaust fan is based on the type of application, industrial or simple, and the available space.The design and construction of an industrial exhaust fan depend on the removal of contaminants from the ambient airflow.Environmental conditions and the type of fan (blower or suction) affect the design of exhaust fans and make them suitable for removing stagnant air and improving ventilation.

industrial exhaust fan installation : In order to comply with the installation principles, you should pay attention to some points :

  • Compliance with the safety principles of electrical equipment .
  • Attention to installation distances (compared to other devices) .
  • Ensuring that the belts and connections of air conditioning equipment are tight.
  • Calculate the amount of incoming air required for each space .
  • Accurate measurement of installation location .

industrial exhaust fan parts

The main parts of the industrial exhaust fan include:

  1. electric motor
  2. Dynamo
  3. Propeller
  4. Bearing
  5. shock absorber
  6. spiral part

industrial exhaust fan supplier

Sahand havasaz Group is the best and most famous and oldest manufacturer of industrial exhaust fans in Iran since 1359 in the field of industry. We combine quality manufacturing with innovative design to ensure reliability and cost-effective performance. With over 30  industrial exhaust fans in our catalog, we can specify fan needs for a wide range of industrial applications.

Industrial exhaust fan price

Industrial exhaust fan prices are various. Industrial exhaust fan prices for various applications and industries have been offered in the market with quality but competitive performance. It is necessary to know that Sahand havasaz have the best prices for bulk customer purchases.

global industrial exhaust fan

Global Industrial Exhaust Fan Market Research Report (2023-2030) provides top to bottom data and research on the current state of the entire market and provides the revenue figures for the year 2023.This report may be a significant direction for organizations and individuals providing Plastics Industry Chain Structure, Business Strategies and Suggestions for New Ventures.In 2022, the global industrial exhaust fan market reached 19.4790 million dollars, it is expected that the global industrial exhaust fan market will reach the value of 61.6494 million dollars during the forecast period.


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