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Tunnel fan

A jet fan or tunnel fan is one of the most powerful models of industrial ventilation.

The working method is circulating the ambient air and producing strong air pressure, which moves the air from the bottom to the top , In this way, air conditioning is done.Fans are the main part of wind tunnels that provide a concentrated airflow in a vertical or horizontal flow.In fact, the wind tunnel fan is like a large chamber in which the air flow is moving at a certain speed. This wind tunnel is used in automobile and aerospace companies and parking lots .

Wind tunnel fan parts

Wind tunnels consist of a blower, a nozzle section, an inlet, a diffuser, ducts and channels, a fin, a propeller, a dynamo, an air supply system and  a cooling chamber with a net.

Wind tunnel fan manufacturer

Sahand Havasaz is a long-term supplier of high-quality industrial fans and blowers worldwide and also produces and supplies other wind tunnel components.

The experienced and highly skilled engineers of Sahand Havasaz can provide a complete package for your wind tunnel needs that covers all elements from design to construction and installation and maintenance.

Wind tunnels are designed for a specific purpose and speed range, so their design is vital in ensuring the success of any wind tunnel, whether for recreational or industrial purposes.

Wind tunnel fan size

The wind tunnel fan size is standard but can be customized based on your needs, Sahand Havasaz will produce the wind tunnel based on your desired size to be placed in the right place.

Wind tunnel fan power

The amount of ventilation and fan pressure of wind tunnel fan power :

The amount of ventilation and pressure of wind tunnel fan power can be changed according to the diameter of the impeller, the number of fins, the angle of the fins relative to the center and axis of rotation, and the rate of rotation (RPM) per minute.

Decibel of sound:

The Decibel of sound is produced by air pressure, and the rotation speed of the propeller is directly related. It means that the higher the RPM value of the propeller, the higher the decibel sound due to the increase in pressure and displacement of more air by the propeller. As a result in order to control the decibel level of the sound, the diameter of the propeller increases and the RPM of the propeller decreases.

Propeller pressure :

When the propeller pressure increases, more durable and stronger material should be used . According to the required pressure, the temperature of the air is changed, and if there is any type of pollution in terms of corrosiveness, the type of material of the impeller is determined.

The type of transmission of power from the dynamo to the propeller is carried out in two modes: Belt drive and Direct drive .

Cheap wind tunnel

The cheap wind tunnel fan should not be the criterion for you, but the quality of the fan should be important to you . Sahand Havasaz team provides you with the best quality wind tunnel fan in all respects .

Wind tunnel fan price

Wind tunnel fan price is various . wind tunnel fans for various applications and industries have been offered in the market with quality but competitive performance . It is necessary to know that Sahand Havasaz has the best price for bulk purchases for customers . To inquire about the price of a Wind tunnel fan and buy it, contact the sales unit of Sahand Havasaz Group .

Buy wind tunnel fan online

To buy an online wind tunnel , you can call the listed numbers from Sahand Havasaz.


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